• "Jean Jackson has written a lovely memoir of a slice of her life in the Selma Civil Rights Movement. She focuses on that historic moment of American history in which a group of people followed the teachings of Jesus about loving your neighbor and finally made America equal to the words of the founding fathers. She and her husband gave that effort essential succor. They did so with consummate grace, humility, and modesty. To have shared Jean's eggs, bacon, sausage, and grits with all of them in 'the house by the side of the road' would have been a delight. This memoir is powerful in its simplicity, history at its finest." David. W. Hodo, MD. Selma Alabama. 



  • “Richie Jean Sherrod Jackson’s The House by the Side of the Road is a dazzling masterpiece composed of extraordinary events during the Selma Civil Rights Movement. . . . Her powerful story and authentic style impel readers of all races and creeds to experience an intimate glance into the thoughts and actions of our noble civil rights leaders. Jackson’s book illustrates that through the darkness and despair of many aftermaths, King continued to protest against the political corruption in Selma, thus creating equal rights for African Americans.”—Rick Bragg, author of 'All Over but the Shoutin’ and 'Somebody Told Me'. 



  • “The experience in Selma during the voting rights campaign would have been much more stressful and probably intolerable except for the gathering in the Jacksons’ home. This home, so full of love and warmth, gave us perseverance, patience, and determination to continue the day-to-day efforts to finish the task. . . . Thank God for this loving, faithful family. Their significance to the effectiveness of the movement is a tale that’s never been told. They put their own safety at risk to serve the common good.”—Reverend Joseph Lowery, former Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) President.





The Jackson home had a tremendous impact on the lives of so many people.

We share some of those testimonies below, and hope they inspire your continued support and contributions to the Jackson Foundation! 

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